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Welcome to the Beacon Lane Career Lounge

Securing a job is the first step toward economic empowerment.

Beacon Lane helps make that happen.

We partner with colleges, universities, corporations and foundations to deliver an employment curriculum that helps early career professionals land jobs faster - and without the chaos, putting them on the path to economic empowerment.

The Career Lounge was born out of a need in the market for a different kind of career consulting
Our proprietary employment curriculum, PIVOT12, was designed based on over 20 years of global corporate HR experience coupled with the knowledge we have from implementing recruiting strategies, processes and technology for some of the worlds finest and most complex organizations.

Help them Land THE Job with our Employment Curriculum

PIVOT12 is Beacon Lane’s proprietary Employment Curriculum designed to help colleges, universities, corporations, and foundations better prepare early career professionals for the job market in a deliberate, organized and strategic manner. We teach job seekers exactly what to do – and not do – to navigate their job search, be heard, and get hired, even in a crowded market.

Hear directly from the former CEO of the Emma Bowen Foundation about how Beacon Lane's program and partnership helped their students land jobs

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We teach participants how to:

Who is PIVOT12 for?

PIVOT12 is a program that is designed to have an impact at scale

It is the ideal solution for organizations and institutions working to help high volumes of job seekers land jobs.

PIVOT12 is an ideal curriculum for organizations who have Leadership Development Programs for college students as well as those with a focus on Internal Mobility. The curriculum better prepares participants to successfully land jobs within the organization upon completion, increasing the overall ROI of the program.

Career readiness foundations can sponsor PIVOT12 for specific non-profit organizations as well as for universities/colleges of their choosing. Beacon Lane delivers this program to hundreds of students at scale and with Foundation support, this program can put thousands of students on the path toward economic empowerment.
Colleges and Universities

PIVOT12 complements the work and efforts of your school’s career center by providing a proven curriculum that can be used campus-wide. We bring your students corporate recruiting expertise in a way that ignites vision, clarity, and action while freeing up career services staff to focus on other important tasks. Parents ask daily why their child’s school didn’t provide this. Now you can!

Not-for-Profit Organizations
Career readiness non-profit organizations dedicated to helping underserved early career professionals secure meaningful employment have benefitted from PIVOT12 since its inception. The curriculum has proved to support diverse groups of job seekers (e.g. STEM, Finance, Media, Veterans, Women, etc.) while furthering the mission of these NPOs

What our Clients and Students are Saying

I accepted an offer and am now on staff as an associate copywriter. I'd like to thank you for all your help during the job search process. Without Beacon Lane, I wouldn't have gotten as many interviews as I did. Thank you so much!
Chad Williams
New York University, 2018 Associate Copywriter, Rauxa
Beacon Lane provided invaluable expertise and guidance to help me fulfill my career ambitions. I landed a highly competitive internship and landed the job I have today in my desired field with their program and support.
Allee Surgeary
Special Assistant for the Center for Women's History New-York Historical Society Museum & Library
Good news! I accepted the position for Social Media Coordinator in New York. Thank you for all of your help and for connecting me. I could not have done this without you introducing me to the opportunity or your guidance.
Kayla King-Sumner
Arizona State University, 2019 Social Media Coordinator, Discovery


PIVOT12 is comprised of 12 critical components. We are never just providing content. We back it up with coaching, consulting, templates, worksheets, and community. There is simply no other program in the market that does what PIVOT12 does. The proof is in our results.


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Learning How To PIVOT

We focus on the job seeker mindset as well as the PIVOT Equation. This equation serves as the foundation for all subsequent modules in the program. "Learning How To PIVOT" is a critical learning lesson that professionals will refer back to over and over throughout their career.

Connecting with your Personal Brand

We focus on crafting and articulating the job seeker's elevator pitch. At the conclusion of module 2, participants will have a unique, customized opening statement for their resume that they will also use when networking and interviewing.

Crafting your Authentic Resume

We will take a deep dive into crafting a resume that tells the job seeker's story. Participants will learn about the "6 second story" strategy, the components of an eye-catching resume, and how to go about architecting a bullet-proof resume that significantly increases the likelihood of being selected for an interview.

Communicating with Impact

Participants learn how to favorably make an impact when networking and interviewing. This module teaches job seekers the important subtleties of verbal AND non-verbal communications that are taken into consideration when being evaluated for job opportunities.

Networking for Influence and Success

The job seeker gains awareness about what constitutes networking, how to go about building a professional network, and how to leverage that network to help land THE job.

Conducting your Successful Job Search

Participants learn EXACTLY what to do and not do when searching for job opportunities. This is a dense module with many examples on how to navigate the job search without losing time and focus.

Mastering the Interview

We take a deep dive into our proven formula for preparing for interviews so that job seekers feel confident and ready. Participants learn where to focus their time and efforts so that can articulate WHY they are a good fit for the opportunity and organization.

Your Job Before THE Job

Participants learn how to transition from job seeker to new hire. There are many things to consider as a new hire, from administrative on-boarding tasks to being job-ready. The learnings in this module remove the ambiguity for new hires and helps to ensure a strong start.

Templates, Worksheets, Scripts

Throughout the curriculum, participants have access to "done-for-you" templates and worksheets that align with each learning module.

Group Coaching, Q&A & Expert Job Search Advice

In addition to the learning curriculum and supporting worksheets, templates and scripts, program participants receive live coaching and guidance from Beacon Lane's expert Career Consultants.

Strategies for Standing Out

Program participants receive strategies for landing THE job beyond the rich content delivered in the 8 learning modules. Beacon Lane's Career Consultants continually share tips and strategies that help our students stand out - even in a crowded, noisy market.

Private Community for Sharing and Learning

Program participants are invited to join our private "Career Lounge" group where they connect with others, share success stories, and learn about new job opportunities. This private group also provides another forum for asking questions.


Beacon Lane’s summer series can be seamlessly embedded into your Summer Internship and Leadership Development Programs.

We partner with you to deliver 3 foundational modules from our signature “Land The Job” course, delivering skills and knowledge to your interns that help them succeed at your organization and beyond.

Workshop 1: Connect with your Personal Brand

Workshop 2: Communicate with Impact

Workshop 3: Network for Influence and Success

Workshops are delivered “live” and are designed to be interactive. In addition to the content, learning is supported by in-between exercises, group discussions, worksheets and templates. Your interns will learn how to:

  • Stand out among the crowd
  • Make an impact both within and outside the organization
  • Build their brand with intention
  • Land the job – whether at your organization or somewhere else

You will impart lifelong skills to your interns that lead to more confident, successful, economically empowered professionals.


About Our Leadership Team

Elaine Davidson is the founder and CEO of the Beacon Lane Career Lounge - a division of Beacon Lane Consulting

Elaine made her mark in Corporate America as an authority in Global Corporate Talent Acquisition (TA) and Recruiting Operations roles for some of the world’s finest and most prominent consulting and financial services organizations. After spending two decades building world-class Talent Acquisition strategies internally, she opened the doors to Beacon Lane and started bringing her depth of recruiting expertise to companies across industries and geographies. However, this is only one side of the equation.

Elaine saw a gap in the market. She saw early career professionals struggling to navigate the job search process, losing their way and often times settling for jobs that did not align with their skills, aspirations and potential. Over time, she and her team created what is today known as PIVOT12 – – Beacon Lane’s signature Employment Curriculum, by reverse engineering the recruiting process they put into place for their global clients. Over the past several years, Beacon Lane has helped hundreds of early career professionals land jobs as a direct result of this program, opening pathways to economic empowerment.

Elaine believes that without employment, it is nearly impossible for individuals to get on a path toward economic self sufficiency, followed by economic empowerment, and that the ripple effect can be overwhelmingly damaging. It is with this in mind that Beacon Lane first partnered with non profits in the career readiness space, delivering the program to students from underserved communities and those who would not have otherwise had the opportunity. 

“Our goal is to see the PIVOT12 curriculum offered to ALL early career professionals across the higher education landscape via our B2B partnerships. Furthermore, we will continue partnering with organizations to bring gender equality to the workplace through this program and our services. All of Beacon Lane’s work is rooted in our commitment to building pathways toward economic empowerment.”

Elaine earned her Master’s Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from Columbia University in New York City and her BBA in Accounting & Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She graduated from Coach U, one of the world’s most reputable ICF-accredited coaching programs, earned her certification in Conflict Resolution, and is Six Sigma certified. As an HR Executive, she led global enterprise-wide change initiatives that reshaped and advanced Human Capital agendas.

Meaghan Williams

Client Engagement Officer and Program Manager

A self-described “connector,” Meaghan is passionate about identifying opportunities and the paths and people to reach them.  This has been a constant throughout her career both in corporate and consulting.

A self-described “connector,” Meaghan is passionate about identifying opportunities and the paths and people to reach them. This has been a constant throughout her career both in corporate and consulting.

Meaghan built her career over 21 years at a major global financial services firm.  She held various positions, some of which she identified, created and pitched, based on needs she saw at the time.  Meaghan’s corporate roles ranged broadly–encompassing product sales and marketing, communications, organizational development, change management and human resources.  After beginning as a temp, she still looks back proudly at a career there she never saw coming.

Building on her corporate experience, Meaghan began a consulting practice. Since 2009, she’s worked with numerous corporate clients in the areas of communications, change management, talent attraction and management, employee engagement and team development.  She’s also worked with many early career professionals, helping them understand and articulate their strengths, find, apply for and land career opportunities. 

Meaghan credits her success with both individuals she’s coached and corporate colleagues and clients in large part on her ability to connect, collaborate, and drive change.  She’s driven by curiosity and most engaged when she’s part of a collaborative effort to achieve business or individual results.

She’s thrilled to play a part in the development and implementation of Beacon Lane’s Career Lounge and its signature PIVOT12 employment curriculum.  Meaghan’s a firm believer in the impact they can make with early career professionals and others in transition, setting them on a path of a challenging, fulfilling career.

Reginald Jackson

Executive Coach

Reginald is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). He works primarily with executives and emerging leaders in both the public and private sectors. Coaching topics can span from navigating various career stages, to effective communication and increased productivity. The foundation of his leadership experience is a culmination of serving for more than 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and is modeled after the concepts related to process, structure, discipline, and accountability. As a trainer, keynote speaker, facilitator, and coach, Reginald’s engaging approach consistently produces the results his clients desire. With a career spanning more than 30 years, the areas of emphasis he’s found to be most impactful are leadership development, team building, and organizational change management. Devoted to life-long learning and professional growth, Reginald is currently a doctoral candidate, concentrating on leadership development and coaching.